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and the
Piano World

In these pages we want to give space to the following topics:
– Piano Music, particularly Chopin (of whom we are offering for free the best critical edition you have ever seen);
– Classical Languages (Hellenic and Latin), which are our linguistic and cultural roots;
– Astrology and Ancient Medicine.

Here you can find texts, suggestions, articles, reviews etc. If you have anything to add or to object to, please write! We shall publish your comments.


If you belong to the host:
– of flatterers, i.e. arse-lickers,
– of those who prefer to hide the truth under false good manners but in their inner depths are like cannibals,
– of those who love the hateful expression “politically correct”, the true meaning of which is actually “false”,
– of those for whom a piece of paper is more reliable than a fact (in other words, it would be rightful an inept and murderous physician be protected both by his degree and the Medical Association),
– of those who in public protest against wars and violence but every day live a lie and do violence to their fellow workers by the most cowardly and vile means,
– of those who think that a sole quality may justify the most censurable faults,
– of those who like to tell you “Nothing personal!” after having reduced you to poverty for their mere amusement,
– of those who wallow in virtual sewers, belonging to private individuals who have designed and opened them to attract miced and rats of all kinds,
– of those who have not yet realized that a university degree is not the highest qualification, i.e. a certificate of cultural distinction, but rather the ratification of the attainment of that minimum level of imbecility, which guarantees unconditional submission to the system,

Well, we suggest all those guys not to waste their time reading these pages, because there is nothing here for them.

In order to clarify our concept, let's quote Aristotle (eth. Nic. 4,8,6): in a fleeting comparison between ancient and new comedy, the philosopher asserts that from the point of view of good manners the hint (ὑπόνοια) of the new comedy is much better than the obscene talk (αἰσχρολγία) of the ancient comedy. Well, we take the opposite view, because the obscene talk (which is not obscene at all) cannot be identified with vulgarity. Hence, people who, like Aristotle, mix up αἰσχρολγία with vulgarity, would not find anything interesting here.

NB 1. If you want to read these pages correctly, you need a "Unicode extended" font with polytonic Greek characters.

NB 2. The reader, who is back, can find here below the direct link to the most recent issue in the four respective sections:

— Chopin and the Piano World: CRITICAL EDITION OF CHOPIN'S OP. 40.

— Greek & Latin: TOLEMEO, ALMAGESTO, Libro Secondo.

— Astrological Miscellany: ON THE DURATION OF PREGNANCY..

— Science versus Knowledge: ESPANET, TRAITÉ DE MATIÈRE MÉDICALE.

NB 3. We thank in advance the readers who will point out mistakes and any inappropriate phrasing.

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